Ask me anything   SUBMIT   Those glorious, glamorous, beautiful brides of days-gone-by, brides on and off the Silver Screen, vintage brides in art and advertising, the girl-next-door or many time-zones away as she celebrates one of the biggest days of her life. This is a celebration of love, people in love and pretty girls in pretty dresses - admittedly, an overwhelming virtual cornucopia of heterosexuality. Some current photos of LGBTQ weddings, people who would have a vintage wedding photo to share if "All men are created equal" really rang true when those words were originally penned. I'm hashtag crazy, so if you have a favorite era or topic (1940s, 1950s, African American bride, gay wedding, illustration, etc.), use the search function. If you have a photo of a favorite vintage bride, please click submit and share! Lastly, I only have rights to a few photos here. I post what I find scouring the web. If you see a photo of yours here and want it removed, please let me know. I'm kind of obsessed and and spend hours on this, including photo retouching and editing occasionally. Kindly link back to me if you share those photos on other sites. Thank you for visiting Vintage Brides! Enjoy!

Alan and Norman, 2004 in Massachusetts

Alan Shayne lived in Hollywood and retired as President of Warner Brothers Television in 1986.  Norman Sunshine had a successful career as a magazine illustrator in New York. They’d already been a couple for more than 50 years when they married in 2004.  They told their story in the 2012 book Double Lives: A Love Story From Broadway to Hollywood.  They’ve been together 55 years (and counting!).


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